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What Color Should You Paint Your House?

What Color Should you paint your house

Owning your own home is the American Dream, something that is considered to be one of the pinnacles of achievement. Regardless of whether you just closed on one of the Fort Worth houses for sale, a rural townhouse, or beachfront property, there’s just something so amazing about finally owning your own home. However owning your own home also brings about many new design questions that you’ll need to grapple with. For example, what color do you want to paint the exterior of your new home? The color of your home is a big choice, as it likely is going to be the first thing that people notice, and will be a huge factor in the formation of their first opinion. So how do you know you’re painting your home the right color? Here’s how to know what color you should paint your house. 



Personal Preference


It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest factors in what color you should paint your home is up to your personal preference. Your home is an extremely important part of your life, and you’ll want to have it be a reflection of you. Due to this, you’ll want to have your interests and personal preferences projected onto your home. If your favorite color is blue, then you’ll probably want a similar color house. Alternatively you might think a fresh coat of white paint looks best on a home, causing you to go with that choice. Although there may be other factors contributing to what color you paint your house, ultimately the decision will come down to personal preference and what you think looks best.


What Color Should you paint your house




Although your personal preference and own opinion will have a major influence over what color you paint your home, it isn’t the only factor in your final decision. For example, the history of the home may also play a part. You may choose to honor the history of the home if it’s been standing for a long period of time, or you may choose to go an alternative route. Honoring the history of the home may involve choosing the same color scheme it had in the past or an extremely similar one, while those that choose to look towards a new direction may want a more modern color for their home. Before you decide on a final color scheme for your home’s exterior, you should definitely consider the history of the home. 



Another important factor in deciding what color you should paint your house is the color of other houses in your neighborhood. You might not think it has a huge effect on what color you decide on, but the other homes in your neighborhood can actually be a huge influence on your final decision. First, you don’t want your home to stick out like a sore thumb, meaning you’ll likely be deterred from picking anything that is too drastically different from the other homes in the neighborhood. On the other hand, you don’t want your home to look exactly like every other home in the neighborhood, so you may steer clear of the common color choice. 


Natural Surroundings


One of the best things to do to make the exterior of your home look great is to match its exterior color scheme with its natural surroundings. Doing so means that your home will blend in perfectly with its surroundings, and can really make your home look like its fit. An example of this would be painting a home in a wooded location a very earthy color or painting a beachfront property baby blue or light tan to match the sea or sand. Identifying your home’s natural surroundings and using them as inspiration to paint the exterior of your home can be a great way to make your home look amazing and really look like it fits in an area. 





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