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Tripp’s Nursery Decked out for Christmas!

Last year I dreamed to be decorating another kids room for Christmas. I dreamed for another baby to kiss, I dreamed for another baby to hold and I dreamed to watch Kinsley become a big sister. After a devastating & scary ectopic pregnancy loss last Fall it had to just remain a dream for a while. This year we are blessed to have that second baby! Tripp Charles Harris.

This year it makes me so happy to share his room…and when I do there is so much more than meets the eye. These pictures aren’t just a pretty nursery. There is so much love and joy in these pictures. If you have or are struggling through pregnancy loss, keep the faith! My heart aches for you and you are in my prayers. You are not alone. So I do not show these pictures to cause grief. I share them to show that even after a painful time there can be so much joy!

Decorating the kids rooms might be my new favorite thing to do! I kept it simple…yes my word for 2020 because well…it is 2020 and nothing should have to be anymore complicated this year 🙂

Adding just a few santas, pops of red and decorating a small tree makes it feel so cozy. I love how the red pops will all of his light blue. A color combo that is sweet and festive for our baby boy!

Kinlsey and I had a fun time picking out ornaments from “the red store” aka Target to help fill his first tree! I added some simple blue ribbon to match his room. I also added some pheasant feathers to fill in some space 🙂 this is one of those decorating tips…use what you got! The tree still looked a little naked and I had put away most of the Christmas boxes full of picks. So I remembered I had some of the pheasant feathers in an easy to reach Fall box and grabbed those! And I actually think it’s super cute for a little boy’s tree!

I hope you enjoyed Tripp’s room! I can’t wait to share Kinsley’s room with you later this weekend!



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