Small Walk-in Master Closet Organization Ideas

Small Walk-in Master Closet Organization Ideas

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Our master closet is unimpressive, to put it kindly 🙂 Our home was built in the late 80’s and although I love this age of home for their classic floorplans & style and that they are built really well; people then did not seem to have many clothes, much food or closets for brooms and vacuums! Literally, I know people survived just like we do here as a family but it baffles me how small the master closet, pantry (or lack there of) and how anyone expected you to hide your vacuums and brooms. But that also being said I love the character of our home, the trees in our neighborhood and our location! So there are things you learn how to live with and how to adapt them to the change in times. One of those areas was our entire master closet and bathroom situation. We did an entire remodel and you can find that blog post here! So we did end up adding another closet and a shoe built-in cabinet. I will try to post our shoe built-in soon since I have never shared that!

Now we have 2 closets. Our original walk in closet and a small wardrobe closet. For those asking why we didn’t do 1 big one, we did look at it. When we did our master bathroom for budget reasons we kept the original layout to save on costs and were able to squeeze in the second closet. It honestly has worked pretty well. However, during the pandemic and being preggo with baby #2 (cutie pie Tripp was born in September) I had let things get OUT OF CONTROL. Plus if I am totally honest I absolutely hate dressing up or in anything for my entire pregnancy and the entire year afterwards. So I just let things get out of control. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and purchased some organizational items for a spring revamp that transformed the entire functionality and look of the space.

As much as I love my husband, keeping a closet clean and organized is not his specialty. If we could ever have separate closets I am on that bandwagon! If you have been following along we are looking for our next family home. That being said, the market is crazy and we cannot find anything that we are willing to leave this house for. So until that next chapter arrives for us and God reveals his timing I am trying to make all our spaces more functional and appealing!

Let’s start with our before – like I had mentioned it didn’t start like this but after our remodel I was exhausted and didn’t spend one minute or one dollar to make the space functional for us. The new closet gave us more space but it wasn’t functional. Then you add a new baby and pandemic and I let things get out of control. I want to start by saying I am not a professional but I am OCD and like things to have a place!


YIKES right? Here are 5 tips to get your closet organized no matter the size!

  1. PURGE! It felt so good to go through and get rid of so many things. I did keep a few more items then I normally would during a purge because I am still only 6 months post partum and still in between my normal sizes.
  2. Get the same Hangers! Nothing makes a closet seem more cohesive than the same hangers. I love the black felt ones and have used them for years (we just needed more) I love these from Amazon or pick some up at Home Goods for the best prices!
  3. Grab cute cloth Bins & Organizers! I wanted something super simple and cute. I love these ones I found from Amazon. But I also love these from the Container Store. I chose the Amazon ones because they shipped to me in 2 days and I didn’t have to take both my kids anywhere 🙂 but I really like them and they are great quality! In the big ones up top I store all my handbags that I don’t use on a regular basis. It’s amazing how much cleaner the closet looks with them in bins then all scattered about. And it limits the dust better than dust bags as well. The smaller bins I used for my leggings and other pants that could fit and also for our baseball hats. We both wear hats 24/7 so I could never come up with a solution till now! It helps keep them all in one place without taking up a ton of room.
  4. Organize clothes by type & color! I put all my tanks, sweaters, long sleeve, short sleeve, workout etc. in sections and then the BEST part to make a closet feel revamped is to color coordinate.
  5. Display items that make you happy/you use daily. Even in a small space you can still put some of your favorite items you use a lot on display. I use my wallets, wristlets and sunglass cases all the time right now because I am constantly switching diaper bags or if I am just running out the door without the kids usually I just leave with one of those instead of a bag. So, for these items I put them on a shelf and left them out for easy grabbing!

I hope I can inspire people who don’t have that Instagram worthy closet 🙂 It is not perfect but it is SO much better! You can make your space work for you by reimagining it, investing in some organizational items & purging. It feels so nice going into our space each day without cringing! What Spring projects have you been working on?

xoxo – kels

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