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Master Bathroom Design Board & Inspiration

Master Bathroom Design Board

I have been teasing about our master bathroom reveal for what seems like MONTHS! But I have GREAT news…it is happening – FRIDAY! I am so thrilled to share our space with you. I wanted to show you guys my design details and inspiration for this space.


The ugly truth is we lived with sub floors for over 3 years! We threw some rugs down and it was a space I got in and out of as quickly as possible. Eventually I moved into our daughter’s hall bathroom which had been completely renovated in 2017. I’m not sure why it took me so long to “move in” to that space 🙂 so my inspiration for our bathroom sort of stalled. I was not inspired or excited about it at all.

Eventually my husband and I decided it was time for us to tackle our space. After renovating our whole home this was the last big space before we tackle finishing the basement in the future. So I was patient with my design plan. In this space I truly sat back and reflected. I treated it as one of my client projects, not one of my own! I filled out my own Laila Belle’s questionnaire I give to clients. Below are some of the key notes from that questionnaire.


Master Bathroom Design Board & Inspiration



      • Additional Closet Space
      • Master Linen Closet
      • Large/Update Vanity
      • Utilize Current Floor Plan Foot Print (for cost purposes)
      • Larger Shower
      • Add LOTS more lighting
      • Resort/Hotel Atmosphere


Master Bathroom Design Board & Inspiration



      • Bright Shiplap Walls
      • Mix Metals (Champagne Bronze/Brush Nickle)
      • Timeless
      • Capecod – Updated Traditional
      • Marble Tile
      • Wood Look Floor Tile (Worn In Feel)
      • Sconces


Master Bathroom Design Board & Inspiration




Master Bathroom Design Board

Tracy Lynn Studio (seen here)

Finally I stumbled across a few examples of what my mind had envisioned! A timeless, updated traditional design with elements of glam but still had a lived in feel. My husband agreed and we got to work. We did 90% of the work ourselves and hired out some electrical and plumbing. It took a lot of nights & weekends for my husband and dad and myself but it was totally worth it!


I am even more thrilled that Kinsley can’t get into all our power tools since we no longer have those sitting around all the time! If you have ever been thinking about getting help with a space in your home here is a small glimpse into my design services. I go into more depth with clients on product details, design plans, timelines etc. but this and tomorrow’s reveal show you a small part of how it all comes to life. Check out my services page for more details.


Please check back Friday to see the full reveal!



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