How to curate your home without spiraling out of control in debt

How to curate your home without spiraling out of control in debt

Debt spiraling is something that is becoming a common theme in America. This is especially true for our Middle Class. It is not something that is popular to discuss or something that any one wants to admit. Being married to a financial consultant as helped me address my…spending habits 🙂 But it still doesn’t make it easy! If you or a family member are challenged with debt, please learn more here.


Everything is getting more and more expensive. With two children now, it has really made me evaluate where we spend our money, where we can spend less and how to adapt our money in other areas. That being said…I LOVE and cannot live without a beautiful home. Decorating has been my jam since before I can remember…many long middle school nights rearranging my room at all hours 🙂 thanks for understanding mom! Because of that, I have had to come up with unique ways to continue to be able to decorate and design on a budget! So, you can curate your home without spiraling out of control by following my tips!


If you have followed me for a long time, you know that I do many things to keep our home expenses to a minimum. One of the biggest is my love of thrifting and repurposing items. You can find SO many gently used items for literally a fraction of the cost if you are willing to be patient and HUNT! Thrifting not only saves our planet’s resources it actually saves your wallet. I love to find antiques, gently used name brand items and fun treasures that make your home feel lived in and loved rather than just a showroom house.


Another way I love to save is by being patient…wait what? Yes, Patience is not my best virtue but it has drastically helped curve debt! We bought a fixer-upper in 2015…we have SLOWLY renovated the entire home. If you ask, my husband it has not been slowly but to be honest…if we finished it in 30 years he still would thing we were speeding through it J we have done room by room, big project by big project and given ourselves time so we do not exhaust our financial resources. It has taken us a lot longer than my liking but hello! Remember I said I was married to a financial consultant…and cough cough the “cheapest” man I ever knew! He calls it frugal (which it is! And I am deeply thankful for it) but I like to give him a hard time and tell him he literally is the cheapest guy I ever dated – haha! The song “fancy” by Walker Hayes and “Applebee’s Date Night” TOTALLY my husband.


Fall Front Porch - 2020


One other way I have helped curate a home on a budget is by spending my money where it makes sense and SAVING on other items. For example,…we have a 4 year-old girl and a 1 year-old boy. Our couch and rugs NO MATTER WHAT will be destroyed! Ha – I love to use more frugal sites for our rugs like RugsUSA and Rugs.Com. Their rugs have held up wonderfully from cleanings but also if for some reason I cannot clean…it was for a fraction of a cost compared to what I could be spending on those items. I tend to spend my money on items I will keep for forever ie. Waterford frames, bowls and vases and keep my most used items or most “attacked” items by my kids to a bare minimum. Eventually I will be able to splurge on a rug or a couch but that is NOT my stage of life.


I have always preached that ANYONE can curate a house into a home…on ANY budget! Creating a home on a budget requires patience, some DIY skills and most importantly peace with your current stage of life! However, it can happen! I do not believe in going into debt to create your home. Remember that it is not worth it. Your home should be your haven. Going into debt to create your haven literally does the opposite of what a home should be about.


Once again, if you are interested & need help consolidating your debt please check it out here!


If you every need help curating your space let us know! We would love to help create a special space for you and your family!












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