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Friday Favorites – Houzz 2019 Home Trends

Friday Favorites – Houzz 2019 Home Trends

HAPPY 2019! I cannot believe it is 2019 – I saw a meme the other day that said “and just like that 1999 was 20 years ago” I mean what in the world! Mind blowing 🙂

I have big plans like most individuals to start this new year – both personally & on the business side. Don’t worry I am not going to list them all out for your here 🙂 but I am going to commit to giving you a Friday Favorites blog post each week. I am not limiting the content to these posts but they will fall into mostly home decor & lifestyle with a few mom posts sprinkled in I am sure.

Our first Friday Favorites is going to be a take off of my top 5 favorite 2019 design trends from an article on Houzz that had the top 32 Home Design Trends of 2019. You can find the whole article written by Mitchell Parker here.

My Top 5 2019 Home Trends

  1. Window Walls: I feel like this is a no brainer! Especially in the kitchen. With an update on cabinet functionality with more slide outs and features you can remove a lot more of upper cabinets and retain the same storage. So if you are building a home or renovating ALWAYS go for more windows!

2. Black is Back: Like the article says – black never went away but it seems it is being used more boldly this year. I love the bold look of these cabinets. I am not sure I could stomach them every day in my own home but I think there is always a place for black in every room. Small doses of black in each room keeps it grounded. To me black and white never go out of style. It is classic – just like that LBD in the back of your closet!

3. Grey – White – Wood: The triple threat is back again! The color combo that has dominated the kitchen & home scene the last few years is staying strong. The elements of a light shaker cabinets, wood floors and grey elements still has a dominant stronghold. The kitchens are looking more traditional & homey and this couldn’t make this lady any more excited!

4. Mix of Fabrics: When it comes to furniture this years trends talk all about a “lived in” feel. This might be my FAVORITE trend of this year. Maybe because I always opt for this type of furniture. How gorgeous is the living room by Studio Aubergine Interior Design? Classic and Cozy. I always talk about creating rooms that are stylish and functional and this trend nails that!

5. Counter Top Cabinets: GENIUS! These counter top cabinets give you more storage in the kitchen in those awkward small spots that usual end up a waste of space. And I have never heard someone say they have too much kitchen storage! We all have those small counter spaces that end up never being used – this is a functional option for those spaces. I also love the character it brings to the kitchen above. Makes it have some old home charm.

Ok – and last but not least I had to share one of the trends that seemed awful to me…abstract island shapes. WHAT?!? Just looking at these make me cringe. Didn’t we learn anything from the late 90’s to early 2000’s? To each their own but my OCD-ness can’t handle it!

Again – make sure to check out the full article here. One thing to keep in mind…design trends always come & go. You have to have a space that YOU love. So I love to look and see what the newest things are, but stick to your guns on your style! You also can always implement trends on a smaller level to keep things “up-to-date.”

I hope you all have a blessed Friday & as always thanks for stopping by!

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