Creating a Bedroom to Make Sleep a Priority

Creating a Bedroom
Creating a Bedroom to Make Sleep a Priority

I have talked before about how important sleep has become to me after becoming a mom of 2. I feel like years ago I could just jump into bed and immediately fall asleep. As I get older and as my littles disrupt my sleep more J I have learned a few tips to make the most out of my sleep.

Making sleep a priority is where you have to start. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults should get between 7-9 hours a night. I will be honest, I cannot say I am achieving this right now, but I am aiming to and that is a start for me! In order for me to make sleep a priority, I need to create an atmosphere that I actually want to be in.

  • Start by having a picked up bedroom. I cannot relax in a messy space! This does not always happen, but I am trying to do this more and more! Usually our primary bedroom is where I leave the mess, because no one sees it right? Well, the problem with that is it does not create a space I want to be in to sleep. Therefore, I changed that this year and have made our bedroom a cleaning priority zone!
  • Next, create a cozy bed by adding comfortable linens with multiple warmth options, a down alternative comforter and cozy pillows. I love to layer a bed for a few reasons. Not only does it make it look beautiful but it also allows you to be most comfortable throughout the night.
  • The next one can be extremely controversial J but my husband and I cannot sleep without a fan. I know there are many different opinions on it and there are numerous different medical opinions – check some of those out here. Nevertheless, personally we love to have the fan on. I am that person that likes to be freezing and cuddled into a ton of blankets – hence the layering tip above! I wish I could have a gorgeous chandelier in our vaulted ceiling but it just will not happen for us.
  • Speaking of layering, I have recently started using a weighted blanket.  The effects of weighted blankets are amazing. We have had an extremely stressful year and I feel like having a weighted blanket helps melt away my stress and anxiety. I was not initially excited to try one but I highly suggest trying it out!
  • My final tip is to have amazing room darkening blinds and/or curtains. I SWEAR by blackout curtains in my kids rooms and did not really give our room any thought until I started making sleep a priority. Not that we get to sleep much past sunrise or ever – ha! However, it blocks all light from outside and creates a very peaceful space!

These are just a few of my tips on how to make sleep a priority. If you are a busy mom like me then I urge you to try to create an atmosphere you want to be in, in your bedroom. It will drastically help with your sleep and sleep is essential to be a good mom!

I have some plans to do a mini makeover of our bedroom this Summer so stay tuned to see how I am updating my décor in here soon!


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