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Peonies and Vintage Books

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For better or worse, through thick and thin, till death do us part…words we all have heard a million times. Sometimes these phrases come to mind not just in marriage…but in buying a “fixer-upper.” Personally…I love the feeling of getting a house that you know has had so many stories happen within the walls but is in desperate need of LOVE again!

Peonies and Vintage Books



Making a house a HOME is something that I cherish and love to-do! This blog is to document my husband and I turning our first house into a home and renovating the Harris House on the Hill. For better or worse we bought the “ugly” house on the block (ok…neighborhood!) and the renovation has brought a lot of blood (darn hammers!) sweat, tears, laughs and a few bottles of wine…or cases!

A home renovation, especially if you are living in it – is not for everyone! But – it works for us. Through thick-and-thin and a lot of weekends we are tackling the 80’s out of our Midwestern Colonial.

Peonies on Laila Belles Dining Table


As for “Till Death do us Part” our builder grade 80’s oak is becoming non-existent…because if that wasn’t the first thing to go I was going to lose my mind.

Here is a sneak peek of our progress…


Can you say – hello 80’s doll house? YIKES!!

We still have a lot we want to add to make our home unique but our first step was to repair all the wood rot, paint , update the garage doors, get new shutters and begin updating the landscaping.

80's Living Room - Hello OAK!

Hi builder grade, 80’s oak! Oh my goodness – just WAY too much of the same tones…I instantly fell in love with this room when we were looking at houses though. I knew it had GREAT potential! “Good Bones” …words my husband now dreads 🙂


Laila Belles Living Room Interior


This room is still a work-in-progress (isn’t a house always?!) But we eventually want to get new couches and chairs and change the layout…but for now I think it is working for us!

80's Dining Room

Ok…to be honest I never liked our dining room. However, it was the first room we tackled and with help from family we quickly took the old chair-rail down and gave it an instant BOOST! We need to get a bigger dining table and rug but again…for now I think we really turned it around.

Peonies in Dining Room


This is just a small preview of some of our projects. I am so excited to open up our home to you and share our renovation story!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    Paula Klinksick
    October 17, 2017 at 3:28 am

    Hi Kelsey & Lucas! I didn’t know you were doing this. I love getting to see your progress. I was wondering how you changed the brick tone on the fireplace? It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Reply
      October 17, 2017 at 4:50 pm

      Hi Paula thank you I am glad to hear that, we are thrilled to start sharing it with everyone! For the brick fireplace we did a simple whitewash mix. We used Arcade White paint from Sherwin-Williams and water. The constancy should be about 1/4 paint and 3/4 water – always start with more water because you can always add more paint later! And then we just blotted it on with a paint brush and wiped away excess with paint rags. If you don’t have a super large fireplace you can get away with just buying the sample size. It is a super easy process that has a HUGE impact! I’m glad you asked 🙂 it was one of my favorite transformations!

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